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You’ve Graduated. What Now?

Congratulations! You’ve spent years studying abroad and now you’re finally ready to put that degree to good use. You’ll be excited to know that most of the applicants that graduate from a partner GEA institution are able to find work in Canada within 6 months of graduating. Remember that career trajectory you’ve worked hard to follow? This is your moment to execute. Your GEA Education consultant has been undoubtedly staying in close contact with you throughout the entire process. This is just the next step on the ladder. It’s time to leverage all those years of education to build a future that works for you.

Leverage The GEA Network

Quest For Excellence.

It’s a great thing that you have the entire GEA network behind you every step of the way. That means an entire pool of available positions and resources you can leverage to acquire that position you’ve been hunting. If you’re like most graduates, then you know what you want to do. In the case that you had a sudden change of heart and want to do something else, not a problem. Our entire network is here for you. We’ve invested in the infrastructure that you can stand on to reach your goals faster than ever.

Global Education Alliance Pro Tips For Working In Canada

Entering into the corporate world can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you keep a level head as you navigate the process.

Apply In Person When Possible

While some large organizations require you to apply online, nothing beats dropping off your application in person. If it’s possible, always seek to introduce yourself to the human resources manager and personally drop your application followed by a firm handshake.

Never Underestimate The Follow up

Things happen and people lose sight of their train of thought. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a position because you forgot to follow up. If you know you qualify, don’t hesitate to give a quick call to the recruiting manager and ask if they’ve had a chance to evaluate your application. 

Personalize Your Resume

Everyone likes a bit of creativity. Personalize your resume with your specific character traits to stand out from the competition. Everyone is using generic templates. Take things to the next level by rising above the competition with a professional, yet personalized resume.

Prepare For Your Interviews

YouTube is a powerful resource when it comes to preparing for an interview. Research the company to understand the history and develop responses to potential questions you may be asked. It never hurts to think about how your assets can help advance the company‘s mission statement.

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Let’s get started on building a future you’ve always looked forward to. Follow the tips laid out on this page to increase your chances and land the job of your dreams.


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