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Join over 250,000 international students that call Canada home.

Why Canada?

Your path to academic excellence starts today. If you’ve been thinking about why you should study in Canada, let’s spell it out for you. The huge international demand brings a diverse culture from around the world. Nowhere offers an educational environment quite like Canada. If surrounding yourself with some of the best and brightest minds in academia sounds interesting, then don’t pass up this opportunity to study in Canada. Whether we are discussing your life after graduation or while still in school, Canadian life can be adventurous. The eclectic mix of students from around the world creates a melting pot where everyone from postgraduates to graduates can find ample opportunities, entertainment, and an economy to sustain themselves.

Dive Deep Into

The Canadian Culture

You’ll want to do more than visit the local tourist attractions. While Canada has plenty to see and do, you’ll want to explore the vast mountain ranges, vibrant cuisine, and friendly people waiting to welcome you. This will help you dive deep into the Canadian culture to become one with society. GEA will take the headache out of the visa process. For more specific information on when and where to apply for student visas, you can find more information directly on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website. We can help you translate documents and facilitate a smoother process. For more information on how to begin, contact a GEA education consultant today.

Places To

Study In Canada

By now, you probably realize that Canada has multiple destinations and your options are virtually limitless. Take a look below to see some of the four most popular destinations to study in Canada.


If you know anything about Canada, then you’ll understand why Vancouver is so beautiful. The scenic landscapes, close access to the water, and incredible architecture make this destination one of the best places to study in Canada out of them all. The combination of vibrant nightlife, entertainment, and cultured individuals will enhance your educational experience tenfold.


Montreal has always been a hotspot for students due to the incredible international culture you’ll find here. The diverse range of students and universities have made Montreal a go-to destination for decades. The deeply French roots and highly British influence provides a combination of culture that needs to be seen.


One trip to Toronto will make you feel as if you have seen the entire world. With many destinations to visit and interesting people to meet, you’ll see why Toronto makes the list of top places to consider to study in Canada. If not for its comfort, convenience, and affordability, do it for the lifetime of experiences you’ll find.


Canada’s capital in its eastern province is home to many of the uniquely Canadian things you have probably heard about. It’s where the Prime Minister and Parliament are located and therefore makes it a capital city worth visiting. You can be sure that living in Ottawa will give you one of the best Canadian educations available.

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