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Expanding horizons to build brighter futures for students from around the world.

How do you expect to stand out from the competition? Our ever-increasingly globalized world moves at the speed of light. Making the most out of your career with the Global Education Alliance gives you a leg up over everyone else. Expand your horizons by spreading your wings and soaring high.

Everyone needs to take a moment to uncover their path in life. Global Education Alliance is here to help you discover yours. Whether that’s engineering, creative writing, or business, studying abroad will open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

Global Education Alliance

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Learn from CityU in the
Heart of the Beautiful City
of Vancouver in Canada

For over 40 years, CityU has become increasingly recognized for our outstanding business degree programs. We strive to change lives for good by offering high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the desire to learn.

CityU offers flexible online, onsite and performance-based programs throughout North America, Asia and Europe. CityU offers programs taught by professionals who are leaders in their fields and can prepare students for that big meeting tomorrow or the next big career.

Discover What Sits Beyond

Have you ever imagined the possibilities that exist beyond your imagination? Gaining a different perspective will allow you to see the unseen. Recognize what’s right in front of you yet hidden behind a veil of secrecy. Global Education Alliance was created to ensure everyone gets a fair chance at recognizing their full potential as a student, career-oriented individual, and satisfied citizen.


By putting you on a path to success, we’ll help flush out those hidden dreams you never knew you had. Identifying what truly makes you happy will help you find the right educational path to greatness.

Do you already have a diploma and are interested in a fast track program to complete a business degree?

Together We Make The Difference.

Our students study in cohorts, supported by experienced advisors and senior faculty, to build a strong sense of community, an environment of mutual support and to create networking opportunities. Designed for working adults, our programs are offered in a variety of formats and locations to allow students to plan their studies around work, family and life.

Global Education Alliance

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