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Have You Realized How Globalized the World Is?

Our mission

We’re on a mission to help everyone see the value of earning a degree overseas. You may have already acknowledged how powerful an overseas degree can be for your career. But have you fully understood how that can connect you to the globalized world we live in? Our aim at GEA is to help connect the world on a plane of education that exists beyond the classroom. We’re connecting students with global opportunities they can cherish for decades to come. Take your spot in the ever-connected globalized world we live in and find your path.

Education Consulting

Global Education Alliance is able to offer the most comprehensive services to ensure you are getting the education that you want.


Global Education City (GEC) offers access to, and provide, safe, secure and comfortable accommodations to students in Vancouver.


With trusted partnerships and years of experience, GEA professionals carefully research and select home-stay providers to verify that you are staying in a safe and secure home before you arrive.

Career Service

GEA has many related divisions that can provide, learn, and encourages the student to develop the necessary skills needed for future job and employment-seeking methods.

The Best Way to Learn

A Language Is to Live It

The team at GEA understands that language is a delicate object to conquer. Being totally immersed in a culture is the only way to truly pick up on its idioms, sarcasms, jokes and grammar. Studying in Canada gives you 24/7 immersion into the English language and will help anyone gain a full grasp of those subtleties that textbooks can’t teach you. It’s not just about studying, it’s about living, working and surrounding yourself by a group of other like-minded individuals on the same trajectory as you.

Diversity Is the Key

To Success

Having access to thousands of courses gives you a diverse range of options. What makes studying abroad so great is the ability to define your life’s purpose, set a plan in motion, and then follow it with a passion. If that sounds similar to your life’s plan, then you’ll enjoy the diverse range of courses, programs, classes, and professors you’ll find with us.

The GEA Story

Quest For Excellence

Those students who spend a year or more studying abroad find a new experience so different from what they are used to. Our story began with the premise of giving students the ability to break away from the traditional approach and discover diverse teaching styles that help to ensure success.

With the goal of offering a step by step process, the team of GEA recognized something. They discovered that stability and a process-oriented approach to studying abroad could give students an opportunity to discover themselves. After years of fine-tuning that process, the team at GEA can confidently say we truly offer an innovative solution for enhancing your educational experience.

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