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Education can be expensive. Let’s help cover the cost with a scholarship.

Take a look at the scholarships we’ve curated for you. Nothing satisfies us more than to see our students succeed through the help of a much-needed scholarship. Financial assistance doesn’t come that easy. If you have the academic gusto to apply for a scholarship, why not give it a shot? There comes a time when we all need a little bit of help. Applying for scholarships will give you that extra bit of financial strength to make it through the finish line.

Finance Your Study

With A Grant

Scholarships, grants, and other forms of free aid are what every student needs. Whether you come from a wealthy background or a not so privileged family, everyone loves the idea of receiving free assistance. However free doesn’t mean free, it’s your academic excellence, your academic accolades, and continued achievements that make everything possible. You’ve waited your whole life for this moment. All throughout grade school and high school you’ve concentrated your efforts on one single goal. To acquire the educational record that puts you in a position to receive grants and scholarships. Well, now the time has come and it’s your opportunity to succeed.

Make Your Family Proud

Scholarships for CityU Students

How will your friends and family view you upon announcing your academic achievements? How will your life change after receiving a full or partial scholarship to continue your education? Whether you’re just beginning your university career or advancing forward with a postgraduate degree, making your family proud with a financial scholarship always feels the same.
Everyone Can Be A Winner

Quest For Excellence

The truth is, the world is filled with organizations, institutions, and government agencies offering free money to students worthy of receiving it. Everyone has the potential to be a winner, but not everyone knows it. Take this moment to apply for a scholarship to take your part among the winning students of CityU.

Every Little Bit Helps

Scholarships for CityU Students

Whether you’ve earned a $500 award, or $5000 award, every little bit helps. A drop in the bucket is still a drop in the bucket. Don’t be discouraged by applying for those little scholarships. You may find yourself a big fish in a small pond by applying for multiple tiny scholarships that eventually add up to a lot.

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